Tuesday, March 22, 2011


  • Ramakrishna Beach is the most popular beach of Visakhapatnam. With its serene waters and tranquil atmosphere, the beach offers a lovely vista of the countryside. 

  • In the past few years, it has gained immense popularity amongst the tourists. Situated on the coastline of Andhra Pradesh, the beach overlooks the Bay of Bengal, along with its natural splendor. Infact, the marvelous landscape is beyond comparison.
  • The natural harbour of Vishakhapatnam is to be found on the north-east of Ramakrishna Beach. Actually, this picturesque beach is the extension of the Coromandal Coast of India. Favorable for sunbathing and surfing, the shoreline is dotted with boats and ships on one side.
  •  Many private companies are planning to set up sport complexes here in the near future. Over and above, the spectacularly beautiful beach also makes the venue of the famous Visakha Utsav. 


  • The floral clock at the park is a regular crowd puller. Set against a background of lush green patches and the imposing Shiva Parvathi statue, the 10 ft. diameter floral clock has been very creatively designed and is well worth a visit.

  • The park has other such interesting features as the Seven Wonders of Vizag, Jungle trail, a Ropeway from Appughar to Kailasagiri hill, an art gallery and a Capsule Lift to the highest viewpoint.  


  • The range is aptly named Kailasagiri after the magnificent statue of the celestial couple (Siva-Parvathi statue) that is a focal point of the Park.
  • Shanku Chakra Naama is a popular landmark at the park, which soars up to 40 m high and can be seen clearly from any part of Vizag. It is a colossal image of Lord Vishnu in its complete form and looks spectacular at night. 

  • If you are looking for adventure, head for the Gliding Point. Situated at an altitude of 130 meters, it has good facilities for gliders. A great place to get started if you wish to learn the basics of gliding. 
  • Children will love to take a trip on the Toy Train. The train is fitted with transparent sides and roof and takes you on a circular tour of the garden at the hilltop. Watch the children enjoy themselves at the fun filled Children’s Park.
  •  Grab a bite to eat at the yummy stalls of the Food court. Buy gifts and souvenirs to take back home at the Souvenir Shop.